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Fun Times at CicLAvia 2016 Cycling Event

ciclavia 2016 cycling event

I spent the majority of my Sunday afternoon enjoying a fun filled event here in the San Fernando Valley. The 2016 cicLAvia bike event was held over the course of four miles stretching from San Fernando road down to Roscoe blvd. which pulled in all sorts of cycling enthusiast from all over the Los Angeles area. The event opened up with the Hon. Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Valley council members gracing the occasion but the true spirit of the ride was brought in by no other than Los Angeles own Danny Trejo aka “Machete”- A proud son of SoCal.

          The day before the event, I was very skeptical since it rained all evening and my friends jokingly state that I am afraid of melting. I have the tendency to refrain from any outdoor activities if its even a bit wet outside. Simple, I don't like getting wet! Anyway, I still prepped my ride bag- as usual, I stuffed my bag with a spare tire, some tire changing tools, a pump, a bike lock (just in case), lots of energy bars, and tons of coozies to be passed out on the ride. The anticipation began- I got the bike out, wiped down my frame, made sure my brakes were all functioning right, and inflated my tires to the right pressure. It was one of my longest nights ever. I was finally able to fall asleep somewhere around 1 or 2am.

          I woke up around 8am feeling fully rested, did my morning rituals, and hyped that I would be show casing my brand to total strangers. Since I could not win over everyone via social media, this would give me the perfect opportunity to establish a personal relationship with some interesting folks. This meant that I could answer questions about the origin, its meaning, and boy oh boy, If they wanted to talk fabrics and designs, I was more than ready to give them an ear full. So I got my gear together and was ready to embark on yet another journey with Pedal Up Apparel. I was suited up in my midnight navy Logo t-shirt, my navy Origin cap, and to top it off, slid on the newly released athletic crew socks. I was ready!

          Saddled up I did. It was about a 30 minute ride from my house to the start line, though I missed the opening ceremony, the excitement was still in the air from everyone who was at the event. All sorts of bikes, all types of riders, sponsors, vendors, and on lookers graced the occasion. I got off my bike at the start to talk to some vendors and to introduce Pedal Up Apparel to the rest of the world. A coozie here and a coozie there, slowly I started to see people interest grow and all sorts of questions were thrown my way- I answered as best as I could and left each person with hopes of planting a seed. I loved the initial approach. As I hopped back on the bike to cruise down four miles of awesomeness, I focused more on the scenery than the ride itself. There were kids with scooters having the time of their lives, they raced, skipped, hopped all over the streets with excitement. There were parents riding along side their kids and some couples who all seemed to be enjoying the ride themselves. There were unicycles, yes unicycles- I never had the slightest idea those were going to turn up. Others had motorized bicycles while some went the innovative route by building customs bikes. The selections were very interesting to say the least.

          At this time, I had almost made it to the other end of the four miles and it looked like they had a party of their own- hundreds of people, celebrating, chatting, taking pictures and just having a great time. I took a break off the bike, hydrated while taking a few pictures of my own. After a well deserved break, I hopped back on the beast and started back to my original location- about two miles in, I stopped to pass out more coozies, long story short, this was the point I ran out of freebies. Im guessing since the end of the ride was approaching for some, they decided to take advantage of the free stuff, and that I could appreciate since it meant “brand awareness”. For the last two miles, I decided to cruise a lil slower than usual because I wanted to really enjoy some of the finer things the city of Pacoima had to offer. I have to say, their art murals are amazing, a lot of great paintings along side the route, but my favorite is no other than this one: 


          I had a really great time at this year cicLAvia bike ride. This is an event I would definitely be participating in again sometime this year. I loved the togetherness and spirit everyone shared. Before I forget, I would like to thank the galant men and women of the LAPD, Valley Traffic Division, zealous cadets, and volunteers who made sure we had fun in a safe environment. My goal was to ride and promote the brand and after Sunday’s festivities, I made sure I had that accomplished that. 



-Pedal Up.

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  • Great work. Keep getting out there..and don’t forget to have fun while at it.

    Peter Boker on

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