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The Best Beginner's Road Cycling Shoes

Specialized sport road cycling shoes

I have been slacking for some time now in order to write a review about the Specialized Sport Road Cycling Shoes, but I figured out give i'll these shoes some time to break in and really get a feel of it. Not so long ago, I had purchased a Diamondback Century Road Bike and all too excited to gear up and get riding. I purchased all my gear and extra accessories for my new bike but figured out quickly that one of the most important gear I was missing was a pair of dazzling cycling shoes. So the research began and the browsing was endless.

I am a beginner to road cycling so a decent price point and a comfortable pair of shoes was top priority for me. I had set a budget of $75 - $100. While determined to find the best bang for my buck, I stumbled upon the a pair of Specialized sports road cycling shoes from Performance Cyclery and was immediately hooked on the looks of the shoes. I raced down to the store which is about 12 miles from where I live to try them on. Upon trying them, I was really impressed on how they felt and before I forget, these are compatible with SPD-SL cleats.

mens specialized sport road cycling shoes       mens specialized sport road cycling shoes 

So here are my pros and cons on the Specialized Sport Road Cycling shoes. 



 PRICE- I paid $99.99 + tax which was right around the amount I wanted to spend for an entry level cycling shoes. I’m sure other retailers might have it on sale but I urge you to do your research before purchasing. There’s always a better price out there.

 SIZING- When it comes to sizing on this brand, I would not recommend just buying online unless you previously owned a pair of these. I wear a size 11 in US sizes which translates to 45 in European size, but with these cycling shoes, the size 45 EU size translated to 11.5 US size. I was glad I went in to try these on and it did fit like a glove. No toe pinching or extra space when tried on with a pair of cycling socks. I urge you to try these on with a pair of cycling socks. Very important. (see specialized size chart).

 COMFORT- Very comfortable for an entry level cycling shoe, the inside of these shoes are nicely cushioned and soft to the touch. The top is laced with velcro straps for easy on and off functions and takes a second or two adjust the straps to your desired fit. 

FIT- I really like the stiffer sole built from Specialized Body Geometry - "sole construction and footbed-  this technology ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment" - Specialized. The upper of the shoes are great as well, the synthetic material allows the foot to flex during long rides which does not make my feet tired.

 FEATURES- Multiple mesh cut outs on the top and sides of the shoes for ventilation and a  favorite of mine, there’s also a vent cut out at the bottom of the shoe right under the toe area which allows for breathability. Genius!

mens specialized sport road cycling shoes     mens specialized sport road cycling shoes



NONE- I have owned these cycling shoes for two months now and I ride at least three days a week accumulating anywhere from 60 - 75 miles a week. I have not had any issues with them.



           I really love these shoes, the fit for me is perfect and I would highly recommend the Specialized Sport Road Cycling Shoes for beginners. My advice, If you are a beginner road cyclist, get you a pair and you will not regret it. They come in three (maybe more) colors: black, white, and black/ grey/ red. Not only is it stylish but its functional and worth every single penny.



The rider: beginner road cyclist

Ride: Diamondback Century Road Bike

Cycling jersey: Men's Elite Crossroad Cycling Jersey

Shoe size: 45 EU / 11.5 US

Rides: 3 days a week

Miles: 60 - 75 miles


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  • Wow! Awesome blog! Very informative with tons of tips for other beginner and even seasoned cyclist. Thanks for sharing and please continue to do so with other products.

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