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      About Pedal Up Apparel

      Pedal Up Apparel is the place to shop for quality vintage cycling inspired attire. Developed by bike riders, for bike riders. Our attractive clothing line captivates the physical and mental desire to be the best while looking the best. 

      Our Name

      Pedal Up Apparel is more than just a brand. It is a way of life. It connects with the positivity of cycling and sportsmanship while remaining open to interpretation. Our hope is that our name will become synonymous with quality apparel.

      Why Shop With Us?

      Our attention to detail and our commitment to our customers is second to none. We pride ourselves in offering quality apparel that all in the cycling community and beyond can count on. We have set ourselves apart by offering exceptional customer service and high quality fabric, all offered at some of the lowest prices available. 

      We look forward to you becoming a part of our journey.